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How to guarantee 100% up-time for your clients

Podio’s downtime may have heavily hurt your business and impacted your clients' confidence in the service you provide. Podio usually does an excellent job at keeping their service available, but if Podio is the backbone of your organization , you need to prepare for every eventuality.

Momentum has anticipated this scenario, and we believe our service has done a pretty good job of keeping our clients happy while Podio was down.

Here are some of the active measures that we took, and some of the reasons our clients were less affected by the recent downtime. We hope that this information will be helpful to you, and that it will restore your and your clients’ trust in Podio.

Clear Communication

We proactively contacted our clients. We informed them that we would give them an update every 2 hours , and strictly stuck to this schedule. We created a simple status page with Google docs ( click here to see our example ). This allowed us to give our clients a real-time update of the actions that we were taking to help them cope with the situation.

In addition to making sure our clients were aware of Podio’s status page, we also continuously summarized it for them and clarified the specific consequences each update would have.

Export of Apps

Momentum is a scalable and trustworthy backup service for Podio. This meant that our clients were able to create exports of apps in CSV format ,even when Podio was down.

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Prevention of losing potential leads, requests & bookings

We implemented automatic fallback google forms that replaced our clients’ most critical Podio webforms. This was a real lifesaver for our clients ; it prevented the loss of potential leads, requests, bookings, and more.

Google sheet integration

In anticipation of potential downtime, we had enhanced the core functionality of our Power Export tool to provide a custom solution for some of our more cautious clients. We implemented a continuous sync of their Podio data to Google Sheets. This method creates one Google doc for every app in Podio, meaning that users will always have access to the latest snapshot of their data. As an added bonus, this also allows us to create real-time reports and graphs. In this way, the data stored in Podio stayed available to our clients, even when Podio stopped sending updates.

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To be clear: these measures are not meant to sidestep Podio’s service, but rather to reinforce your commitment to the Podio platform.

By offering a feasible workaround for when Podio is down, you can convince your clients that using the Podio platform is the right choice.

Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about this. You can contact us on willem@momentumtools.io