Backup & Restore for Podio v2

We are proud to announce that we have launched a huge update for Backup & Restore for Podio. Based on the feedback of our clients we've upgraded our backup service with a daily sync of your Podio backup to a secured Google Drive folder.

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Benefits for you

Using Google Drive as a 2nd fail safe for your Podio data offers lots of benefits for you. It allows us to leverage some of Google's most powerful features. 


How does it work

The more fail safes, the better. That's why we store your backup on 2 different locations:

Amazon Cloud servers: Used to store a complete version of your Podio data (including comments, tasks, app templates) and metadata. This is the data that we rely on to restore deleted items.

Google Drive: To make your Podio Backup accessible for you, we sync the most important data also to Google Drive. This data includes Items, attachments (+metafile), comments and tasks. 

  • For every organization, we create a secured Google Drive folder. This folder is password protected and can only be accessed by the backup manager and our admin user.
  • For every workspace, we create a separate folder where we store all your files of the related workspace. We also add 3 Google Sheets to save all comments, tasks and files of that workspace.
  • For every Podio app, we create a Google Sheet. These Google Sheets contain all of your items data - similar to an XLS export from Podio.

Preferred by premium Podio partners

Backup & Restore is the preferred backup solution for Podio. We're proud to work closely with premium Podio partners that recommend our backup solution to their clients.

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Our team is working hard to make this the best backup solution for Podio. We’re excited about all the positive feedback and look forward to continuing to improve our service to you.

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