Improved Form Builder and User Community Workspace

Last week we've introduced 3 new and important changes for our beloved form builder for Podio: 

Improved form builder that automatically loads your Podio fields

The new form builder now shows your app fields instead of form components. Previously you had to select a form component and then link that form component to a field of your Podio app. Now the new form builer allows you to quickly drag & drop your Podio app fields directly to the form.  This significant change hugely improves the user experience as you can now add Podio fields on the go. 


Dynamic Forms User Community Workspace

Dynamic Forms for Podio offers a lot of flexibillity and opens the door for tech wizards to build all kinds of advanced webforms. We wanted to share tips and tricks with all users which is why we've created a Podio workspace. Not only will we post questions and answers, but we'll also use this workspace to keep you updated on future news and features!


A new freemium plan to discover all features and upgrade whenever you want

Good news! We've decided to change our light plan to a freemium plan that gives you access to all plus features. This replaces the 14 day free trial and gives you the time you need to discover Dynamic Forms  for Podio whenever you feel like it.


Give it a try

Excited to try it out? It only takes a few minutes to get started, and then you’ll be able to take Dynamic Forms for a test run. Click this link to start your free trial today. Or if you prefer, leave us a message on

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