Dynamic Forms: Advanced Nested Forms

Relationship fields in webforms are a powerful concept, allowing you to create items in different apps with one form submission.

With Dynamic Forms you can now create multiple items in related apps, a frequently asked for feature that is not supported by the standard Podio webforms. Check out our handy user guide to learn more about this. 

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Creating multiple nested items

Sometimes you want allow the user to create multiple items in a related Podio app. 

This booking webform for example gives the user the option to create multiple items in the related app 'Attendees' when making a booking. 


Creating 1 nested item

You have of course also the option to restrict the webform to create just one new item in the related app.  

This webform for example lets the user add exactly one new attendee when making a booking for a selected event. 


Supports all features

Just like the other form components, you can use the same amazing features for the nested forms as well! 


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