Power Tools: Tags and Members

This week we've published a new update for Power Tools: It is now possible to bulk edit tags and contact members! 

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Bulk Edit Tags

Tags are like dynamic category fields and can be can be created on the fly. The Bulk Edit feature now allows to instantly tag multiple items at once, and to create new tags while doing so. 

By flagging the Overwrite existing values checkbox you can easily overwrite or remove existing tags. 


Bulk Edit Members

Contact / Member fields can be used to tag either workspace members or share the item with another Podio user. With the Bulk Edit feature you can now share multiple items with one or more contacts/members.  

By flagging the "Overwrite existing values" checkbox you can easily overwrite existing members. 


Give it a try

Excited to try it out? Install the chrome extension in a few easy steps. Click this link to start your free trial today. Or if you prefer, leave us a message on hello@momentumtools.io

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