Frequently Asked Questions: Backup & Restore

1 Why do I need to back up my Podio data?

There are 2 good reasons why you should consider backing up your Podio data:

  1. We believe that Podio already does a very good job at keeping your data accessible. However, in the unlikely event that their servers were to go offline, you could lose access to your data and possible do serious harm to your business. Keeping your Podo data available in a seperate and independent location ensures the continuity of your business .

  2. In Podio, if you delete an item, an app or a workspace the action is not reversible . This means that you could lose critical company data such as leads, projects or client details. Months, or even years, of work could be lost in just a few seconds. All it takes is one moment of distraction, one miscommunication or one disgruntled employee.

2 How does the trial period work?

We offer you a 14-day free trial to try out our Backup & Restore app for Podio. This trial version gives you access to all features that come with our 'Turbo' price plan. To keep your Podio backup active after the trial period, you need to activate your account by selecting a price plan in the settings page. The first payment will take place as soon as your trial expires. If no price plan has been selected before the end of your trial, we will automatically deactivate your Podio backup and delete the all data that we have backed up for your account.

3 What kind of data is included in the backup?

We back up the following data from Podio:

  • Items
  • Comments on items and workspaces
  • Tasks linked to an item or a workspace
  • Files
  • App Tempates
  • Globiflow workflows

4 What kind of data is not being backed up?

The following data will not be backed up: Reports, revisions, widgets and workspace contacts.

5 How safe is my data?

The backups and the Podio access tokens are secured with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) using 256-bit encryption key. Applying the best practices of Encryption methods, we use a different initialization vector for every record, meaning it is virtually impossible to extract the data via reversed engineering. All the data is stored in Amazon Cloud (Dublin, Ireland). The backup happens over a secure connection (SSL) between Podio and our server.

6 Where is my backup stored?

We store your backup on 2 different locations:

  1. Our Amazon Cloud servers: We store a complete version of your Podio data (including comments, tasks, app templates) on our Amazon Cloud servers. This is the data that will be used for when an item is being restored via our interface.
  2. Google Drive (available soon!): We perform a daily & incremental sync to Google Sheets. We create a folder for each of your workspaces, and create a Google Sheet document for each of your apps. These Google Sheet documents will contain all of your items data - similar to an xls export from Podio. A seperate folder will be available that contains all attachments of the related workspace.

7 How can I access my data?

Available soon: You will receive a view-only link to the Google Drive folder which allows you to view and download the files. It is not required to have your own Google account and we pay for the storage used.

8 Can I back up all workspaces of my organization?

We can only back up the workspaces of which you are either a regular member or an admin. If a new workspace is created, you must be invited to this workspace in order for us to then automatically add this workspace to your backup. Please note that because of webhook restrictions, we are not able to back up task updates if you are a non-admin user. That's why we advice you to ensure you have admin rights in every workspace that you want to back up.

9 How often does Momentum back up my data?

We automatically back up your Podio data once per day or per week, depending on your price plan. This means that you don’t have to worry about scheduling backups. If you want to back up an app or a workspace to save the latest changes, you can start a new backup manually at any time via our dashboard.

10 What happens when I restore a deleted item?

When you restore an item, it will be restored with all its related comments, tasks, revisions & files. The comments will be visible with the name of the original poster and with its original timestamp.

11 Can I restore an entire app or workspace?

Restoring an app or a workspace is not possible via our interface. If you want need to restore an app or a workspace, send an e-mail to with clear instructions. Our team will help you as soon as possible.