User Guide: Doubles

Keep your data clean with doubles! This feature allows you to easily detect duplicate records within your app.

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Use Cases

  • You want to find all doubles in your leads app by listing all leads with the same e-mail address.
  • You want to find all doubles in your clients app by listing all clients that have a very similar first & last name.

Step-by-step Guide

1. Select the unique key fields

You can decide which fields should be unique in your app. If you select more than one field, then we will check for the combination of these fields.

Example: In the example below we have selected both the fields 'first name' and 'last name'. This means we will only show the records for which the combination 'first name + last name' is identical.



2. Exact or similar matches

  • Exact: The values are exactly the same. However this is not case sensitive. Example: 'Nintendo' and 'nintendo' are exact duplicates.
  • Similar: The values can be exact or similar. Example: 'Luigi' and 'Luigii' are not exact, but similar matches.



3. Jumbled or locked values

This option only becomes available as soon as you have selected more than 1 unique key field.

  • Jumbled: We will check for duplicate values accross all fields. This is useful to find duplicate records where for instance the first and last name are switched.
  • Locked: We will only compare field values of the same field.



4. Click Show duplicates

Simply click 'Show Duplicates' to start the search for duplicates. A progress bar will be shown with the number of found duplicates.

Important Note

To be able to show the doubles grouped togetherr, our tool will add 2 fields to your app template:

  • momentum-double-toggle: A category field that will label the even and uneven groups of duplicates.
  • momentum-double-sorting: A number field that is used to put the found duplicates in the right order.

These fields should be flagged as ' always hidden' and are automatically removed from all tables views.