FAQ Dynamic Forms

How do you count the number of submissions?

The number of submissions are counted per month and per organization. This means that the light plan gives you a capacity of 20 submissions every month. The number of apps is absolute and will not be reset.

What happens if I exceed the number of submissions?

When you have exceeded your limit, we will not block or disable your webform(s), but we will ask you to upgrade your price plan.

If you don't upgrade your price plan within 2 weeks, the webforms will be deactivated.

What extra features are supported?

Compared to the Podio webforms, the following key features are supported:

Which Podio field types are not supported?

The following Podio field types are currently not supported:

  • Date fields with end date shown (possible to add to your webform, but not possible to capture end date)
  • Date fields with end date required (not possible to add your webform)
  • Progress
  • Calculation
  • Duration

Why do I not see all webforms created for my organization?

On the overview page you can only see the webforms that are linked to the workspaces where you are an admin or regular member. 

Why can I not see the newly added fields of my Podio app?

If you have updated a Podio app, created a new app or moved an app to another workspace, please refresh the webpage.  

Why can I not see the newly added category values?

Newly added values to a category field will not be show automatically in your form. To fix this, you need to remove the form component and add it again. 

Can co-workers edit my forms?

Yes, every user that has admin rights in a workspace is able to see the webforms created for this workspace. Users can edit the forms built by other users, but they are not able to delete this form.

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