FAQ Dynamic Forms

1 How does the pricing model work?

The pricing model is based on the Podio organizations. If an organization is activated for dynamic forms, all the users that are admin in a workspace, can create and edit forms for that organization. With one Podio account you can activate one or multiple organizations.

2 How can I activate my organization?

If you are the 1st person to use Dynamic Forms your organization, you will become the admin for that organization. The admin can activate the organization by choosing a price plan via Settings > Subscriptions. Or he can forward his admin rights to another user of the same organization via Settings > Organizations. If you are not the admin of the organization, you have to request the admin to activate the organization or to forward his admin rights to you.

3 What happens if I exceed the number of submissions?

When you are about to exceed your number of submissions, you will receive a few e-mails from us to warn yous. Once you have exceeded your limit, we will not block or disable your webform(s), but we will ask you to upgrade your price plan.

4 Which features are supported in this extension?

The following features are supported:

  • Conditional fields
  • Easy styling
  • Update existing items
  • Placeholders, description, tooltips (with HTML)
  • Multi-step wizard
  • Data Validation
  • Sections
  • Multiple forms per app
  • Multiple file upload

5 Which Podio field types are not yet supported?

The following Podio field types are currently supported:

  • Member
  • Link
  • Calculation
  • Duration

6 Why can I not select the newly added fields of my Podio app?

If you have updated a Podio app, created a new app or moved an app to another workspace, please click on "Refresh Apps" on the Form Overview page. 

7 Why do I not see the newly added category values in my form?

Newly added values to a category field will not be show automatically in your form. To solve this, you need to remove the form component and add it again. Then the newly added values will be shown.