Dynamic Forms: Style your form

Momentum offers the most advanced Form Designer to create gorgeous, mobile-ready custom form themes. It's easy to add section titles and images, experiment with different fonts and colors, and design a form that fits your needs.

Via the customize tab of the form builder you have 3 options: Theme, Basic and CSS URL


The theme option allows you to choose a modern and responsive template from bootswatch.com. The theme Flatly will be chosen by default. Via the Preview button you can see how the selected theme changes the lay-out of your form.



The basic option allows you to change a few basic styling parameters to update the font and colors.

Note: These changes will be applied on top of the chosen theme. 



The CSS URL option allows you to do some more advanced stuff. There are 2 fields:

  • Enter a link to your css file: Here you can either provide a link to your own CSS file or use a template from bootswatch.com. If you leave this field blank, the webform will enherit the CSS from the embedded webpage. 
  • CSS code to overwrite theme: Here you can enter your own CSS code to overwrite the attributes of your CSS file. This allows you to change the CSS for specific elements of the webform. 

Tip: If you embed the webform on your webpage, then you might leave the link for the CSS file blank. In this case the webform will not add any CSS to your webpage and take over the CSS applied to your webpage.  

In the example below we use the Flaty theme from bootswatch.com and change the colors of the submit button and the success message.


Example code:

.btn-primary {
background-color: #b8c704 !important;
border-color: #b8c704 !important;

.alert-success {
color: #ffffff;
background-color: #4b89b2 !important;
border-color: #4b89b2 !important;