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How does the pricing model work?

Our price plans are based on Podio organizations, not on individual Podio users. If the admin manager has purchased a subscription for his organization, all the users that are admin in at least one workspace, can use the extension for that organization. With one Podio account you can activate one or multiple organizations.

How can I purchase a subscription?

Go the Subscription page and click on 'Add subscription'. In the first step you select the organizations that you would like to activate. In the second step you choose a payment period and price plan. In the third step you complete the billing information of your company. On the last step you can review and confirm your subscription. 

How can I edit a subscription?

Go the Subscription page and click on 'Edit'. In the first step you can either add or remove an organization from your subscription. In the second step you can either change the payment period and price plan. Complete step three and four to confirm and save your changes. 

How can I become the admin manager for my organization?

Go to the Subscription page and click on 'Edit'. If a team member has already purchased a subscription for your organization, the organization will appear on the right under 'Activated by other podio users'. Select the organization and confirm the pop-up message. Complete step two, three and four to save the change.

Where can I find my invoices?

The invoices only appear on the account page of the admin manager. Log in with the account of the admin manager and go to the Invoice page. Select the month and click on 'Show invoices'.

What happens if I exceed the limits of the Turbo plan?

The service will keep running as normal, but we will offer you a fair & custom price plan that suits your needs.

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