User Guide: Power Filters

Power filters allow you to filter on data from related apps. This is a very powerful feature with lots of use cases. We will use an example to explain you how game-changing power filters can be.

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Use Case

You have a leads app and a projects app. Every lead is linked to a project. You would like to filter in the leads app on all leads that are linked to a project with status 'Approved'. In order to make this possible, we will copy the field values of the related project app.

Step-by-step Guide

1. Create a new filter

Go to the leads app to create a new filter. Simpy click on the green button to start the wizard.


2. Select the related app

Now you can select the related app from which you want to copy the information from. In this case you want to copy information from the project app. You can select both forward and reversed related apps.


3. Choose the field

Select the field that you want to copy to your app. Currently we support only relationship fields.


4. Enter field name

To be able to copy the field values from the project app, we need a new field in the leads app. You can enter a name for this new field.

5. Start importing field values

Click on 'Create Power Filter' to copy the values from the related project app to the leads app. A progress bar will be shown on the right.


6. Active Power filters

You can now filter on the project status in the leads app. The newly created field 'Project status' is added to your leads app.

Momentum will automatically sync the values from the related apps every 10 minutes to your target app.

Note: It is not possible to use power filters if the target app has no forward or reversed related apps.