FAQ Power Tools

How does the credit system work?

You consume 1 credit each time you perform one the following actions:

  • Bulk Editing items
  • Runing an Export
  • Scanning for doubles
  • Creating a Power Filter or Power Sync

The credits are calculated per month er organisation (not per user). 

Important: On September 1st 2019 we will introduce a new and more fair credit system. More news on this will follow soon. 

What happens if I exceed my limit?

If you have consumed your monthly credits, you will no longer be able to perform any action. In this case you can either wait until the next month starts or upgrade your price plan.

What to do if the Power Tools are not loading?

Try to remove and re-install the chrome extension. If this doesn't work, try to remove the other chrome extensions and install our chrome extension first, then re-install the other chrome extensions again.

How many items can I update with 1 bulk edit?

There is no limit on the number of items that you can update. However due to the Podio API rate limit, we can only update 18.000 items each hour. So if you bulk edit more than 18.000 items with one action, all items will be updated eventually, but it will take more than 1 hour.

What are other technical restrictions?

  • Bulk edit: You cannot use bulk edit if you are a light member in a workspace.
  • Power Export: The maximum of cells that can be exported is 2M cells (i.e. App fields * items)
  • Doubles: The maximum of items that can be checked is 30.000

Does Power Tools impact the web response time of Podio?

No, we do all API calls from the Momentum servers, no single API call is done through your browser.

Does Power Tools impact the API rate limit of Globiflow?

No, every extension has its own separate rate limit.

How can I uninstall the power tools chrome extension?

You can uninstall the chrome extension by right clicking on the momentum logo in the top right corner, then choose Remove from chrome.

Important: Removing the chrome extension will not automatically cancel your subscription or deactivate your organization.

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