FAQ Power Tools


1 How many items can I update with bulk edit?

You can update 18.000 items per hour. If you bulk edit more than 18.000 items in one go, all items will still be updated, but it might take more than 1 hour (because of the Podio API rate limit).

2 What are other technical restrictions?

  • Bulk edit: You cannot use bulk edit if you are a light member in a workspace.
  • Power Export: The maximum of cells that can be exported is 2.000.000 cells (including empty cells).
  • Doubles: The maximum of items that can be checked in 30.000

3 Will using Power Tools impact the web response time of Podio?

No, we do all API calls from the Momentum servers, no single API call is done through your browser.

4 Will using Power Tools impact the API rate limit of Globiflow?

No, every extension has its own separate rate limit.

5 How does the pricing model work?

The pricing model is based on the Podio organizations. If an organization is activated for power tools, all the users of that organization can use power tools after installing the chrome extension. With one Podio account you can activate one or multiple organizations.

6 How can I activate my organization?

If you are the 1st person to use Power Tools your organization, you will become the admin for that organization. The admin can activate the organization by choosing a price plan via Settings > Subscriptions. Or he can forward his admin rights to another user of the same organization via Settings > Organizations. If you are not the admin of the organization, you have to request the admin to activate the organization or to forward his admin rights to you.

7 What happens after the trial period?

Once the free trial has expired, all features will be automatically disabled. You can either activate the organization by clicking on the activation link in the toolbox or uninstall the chrome extension.

8 How can I uninstall the power tools chrome extension?

You can uninstall the chrome extension by right clicking on the momentum logo in the top right corner (option "Remove from chrome"). Please note that removing the chrome extension will not automatically cancel your subscription or deactivate your organization.

9 Do you have a referral program?

Of course! Click on the link below to learn more about our referral program.

Referral Program