Introducing Pro Backup for Asana

We're proud to announce that the team behind Momentum Tools, B4B IT, has launched a new backup app called Pro Backup

Pro Backup is a brand new backup app that will focus on work management platforms such Asana, Airtable and

Pro Backup

Pro Backup is very similar to Backup & Restore for Podio and offers the following 4 key features: 

  • Daily, automated backup: Pro Backup offers a daily, automated backup that is tailored to the data structure of each of the work mgmt platforms. This means that users of Airtable and Asana can easily sign in with their account and will recognize the data types from their account. 
  • Snapshot: The Snapshot feature allows you to export a complete project from any point in time to a CSV file. This allows you to see how a project looked a few weeks ago which can help you to restore corrupted data. 
  • Recovery: The Recovery feature allows you to export the data of tasks that were deleted permanently in Asana. Recovery will create a CSV export that can be imported directly into Asana. 
  • Access Backup: The user can also access his backup through a secured Google Drive folder. Pro Backup will first store your data with heavy encryption to AWS and will then sync it to readable Google Sheets. This way the user can independently access his backed up data at any time. 

Excited it try it out? 

Are you using other work management platform next to Podio? Let us know! If you are using Asana and are excited to try out Pro Backup, click on the link below to start your free trial today!

Discover Pro Backup

If you are interested in a backup solution for Airtable and Monday, please visit to register your interest.