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Tutorial Guide

Lean how Power Tools for Podio can help you save lots of time.

Bulk Edit Items

With the Bulk Edit feature you can mass update multiple items with only a few clicks. It allows you to update the value for 1 field (or colummn) for a selected set of items. This avoids that you need to open each item seperately if you want to update multiple items. Another use case is that you can easily populate the default value for a newly added field.

1. Select the items that you want to update

First select the item that you want to update. There are 2 easy ways to do this:You can use the filter options in the menu and select all items in the view. Be sure to click

  • Manually: Simply select each of the items manually. You easily select all displayed items by clicking the checkbox in the top row.
  • Filters: Use the filter options in the menu bar to narrow down your selection. If you want to select all items using a filter, be sure to click on "Select all X matching this filter". Once you have selected all items you can also deselect a few items to exclude them from the update.
2. Choose the column

Select the column that you want to update via the drop-down list. You can mass update the values for max 1 column at a time. Of course it is possible to perform multiple bulk edits if you want to update several columns. We support bulk edit for the following field types:

  • Text
  • Filters
  • Relationship
  • Number
3. Enter a value

Enter the desired value. If you have selected a category field, then you will be able to select the several category values from the drop-down list.

TIP: It is also possible to choose a blank value. This will remove all existing value of the selected items. This is very useful if you want to remove a field from your app template and remove all existing values for that field.

4. Click update

Simply click update to start the bulk edit. You can see the number of items that will be updated in the button.

5. Follow progress and show result

The progress bar indicates how the bulk edit is progressing. This progress bar will accurately reflect the reality: If the progress is on 80%, then this means that 80% of the items already have been updated.

Once all items have been updated, the reload button will be clickable. The reload button will simply reload the page so that you can see the result. Please note that this last step is not mandatoy.

Power Export

With Power Export you can combine several related apps in one export. This safes you the time to do perform additional actions offline in excel.

1. Select the columns that you want to export

First select the columns that you want to export. The drop-down will show all existing fields of your app. You can include as many columns as you want and change the order by drag & dropping the columns.

TIP: A very powerful feature is the possibility to include columns from in and outgoing related apps (see screenshot below).

2. Save and load lay-outs

When you have selected the columns that you want, you can save the lay-out that you've just created for future use. Simply flag the checkbox and enter a name.


Once you have a saved a lay-out for an app, you will be able to load this lay-out the next time you open the export tool. Simple click on the drop-down and select the lay-out that you want to load.

3. Start Export

Once you have selected all required columns, simply click on 'Export' to start your export. Depending on the number of records, this can take a few minutes.

4. Download the export

Once your report is completed, it will automatically appear in the chat section. A new conversation will pop-up with Momentum and your report will be available in .csv format.


Power Filters

COMING SOON: With Power Filters you can filter on fields from related apps.

Find & Remove Doubles

COMING SOON: With Doubles you can easily find all doubles for Filters you can filter on fields from related apps.