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Podio offers static forms

We make them dynamic

So many reasons to choose us

Drag and drop

Makes it painless to quickly develop new forms.


Update and show existing data.

Grid-based layout

Don't be restricted to top-down forms, put your fields wherever you want.

Custom Labels

Label your fields the way you want.

Custom hints

Add popups, tooltips or text below your input fields.

Custom CSS

Use your own bootstrap-based stylsheets.

Use your own domain

Add your forms to your own domain.


Divide your forms in multiple sections for ease of use.

User-friendly urls

This is just placeholder text!

Multiple forms/app

Make as many forms per app as you want.

Multiple file fields

Add as many nameable file fields as you want.

Prefilled values

Launch your forms with prefilled, fully customizable input values.

(Combined) Uniqueness constraints

Check the uniquennes of values or combinations of values.

Different date inputs

Choose between standard, birthday or range.

Nested forms

Add fields for the apps related to your form app.

Advanced validations

Add input-specific validations or use regex to check your data.

Disabled fields

Show data that users are not allowed to change. Or only let them change it on certain conditions.

Conditional requirements

Add conditions for showing or hiding input fields.

Stay in-formed

Rise above and take on your true form. Start using dynamic forms.