Momentum Tools - Privacy Policy

At Momemtum we care as much about privacy as you do. That is why you stay the owner of your data at all times.
Here are the guidelines we follow strictly in our development practices.


We only request data from Podio when it has a concrete value for the end user. For example, we will never request items from your apps except when you ask us to back them up.


We inform users about the information we collect and how we use it. Upon demand we can offer a detailed report of which limited info is stored on the server and why.


State of the art encryption is used when sensitive data stays on our servers. No Momentum staff member can access your items, comments or tasks data without you entering your passphrase.

Podio connection

Our servers are currently hosted in the same physical location as Podio (at Amazon web services Ireland). This means unintended listeners do not get a chance to see your data passing over the wire.


We anonymize and aggregate personal information where individual identification is not necessary.


We act as a responsible steward of personal information.

Cloud storage

When connecting to your cloud storage (sharefile, google drive, dropbox). We only upload files related to your backed up organisations. We will never read, modify, delete other files that are present on the cloud storage.

Google spreadsheet sync

We keep user designated spreadsheets up to date with Podio content without touching any other spreadsheets.

Gmail sync

Gmail sync scans through your mailbox and creates Podio items for threads / messages / contacts / labels. We create drafts to facilitate automated emails. Never will we delete any messages or store data on our own servers.