Top 5 Podio Extensions

Podio Extensions give you the option to go even further with your use of Podio. They offer optional extras, built for specific use-cases by the Podio developer community. Below we have listed some of the most popular extensions.


smrtPhone for Podio is a dedicated VOIP phone system that has been built specifically for Citrix Podio by passionate 2 Podio Partners. If offers some powerful features such as

  • Click-to-Call from Podio to initiate your calls
  • Connect to your existing CRM contacts app in Podio to sync your address-book
  • All calls and call details automatically logged in Podio
  • Call recordings & voicemails available in Podio

It’s the best way to scale your business anywhere in the world with a smarter, faster and more cost-effective phone system that integrates directly into your existing Podio system. Get a special deal via our affiliate link:

ProcFu is an extension that greatly enhance the abilities of workflow automation and the functionality of your Citrix Podio account. It bundles Powerful scripts that can be called from any Citrix Podio automation. If there’s anything you wished GlobiFlow could do but can’t, then ProcFu probably has a script for that.

It also offers the option to quickly and easily generate mini apps of your Podio data. The result is responsive and mobile-friendly for a superior experience on-the-go.

Hubstaff is a time tracking tool that seamlessly integrates with Podio. It shows you all your Podio tasks in one location and lets you track time to them with one click. You can also complete Podio tasks straight from the app itself.

Hubstaff runs on both desktop and mobile. The data is automatically synced between your devices, so you can easily switch between platforms without losing a second of tracked time.

For more on this extension watch the video below! 

Dynamic Forms for Podio allows you to easily build advanced webforms for Podio. Its intuitive drag-and-drop user interface makes form building incredibly simple, and doesn’t require you to write a single line of code. This extensions has plenty of pluses, here are just a few: 

  • Conditional fields
  • Update existing items in Podio
  • Titles, text, columns, tabs & tables
  • Pre-fill values
  • Multi-step wizard

For more Dynamic Forms watch the video below! 

This extension is a must have for those working heavily with Podio and Globiflow workflows. This extension:

  • Gives you a clear overview of all Podio & GlobiFlow dependencies
  • Allows you to find Podio & GlobiFlow metadata & contents
  • Highlights errors in your structure so that you easily fix them.

You can use this extension either via their website or via a handy chrome extension that offers a very smooth user experience.  

Final Thoughts


When it comes to productivity in our work, Podio can make the difference. And the difference gets REALLY big with some extensions that enable even more effective work management. The range that these extensions cover, from form building & phone calls, to more advanced developer tools highlights the wide range of Podio’s capabilities. We do recommend to try them, most of them are free, simple and quick to get started with. It may be really surprising to witness how such a small improvement can completely reshape the quality of our work.