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Sunset notice for v3 Forms

Sunset notice for v3 forms In order to keep up the latest technology and security changes we have decided that we can no longer support forms that were built in v3 of our form builder.  More specifically, every form that’s created with the v3 form builder will be removed by the 1st of April 2024. Forms that were built in the v4 version will continue to stay active.  What is the v3 form builder? The form builder of Dynamic Forms has seen some updates in the last few years. In 2020 we published the last update to our form builder which

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Power Tools has been updated!

Big upgrade for Power Tools We recently published a brand new version of Power Tools. This update is mostly a technological update, but we did also added some nice quality of life improvements. In this blog post we’re gonna zoom in on what has changed with this recent update.   See how you can install this new version What’s improved? The most important update is regarding performance and reliability. For this update our team has re-written the code from scratch and made all features faster & more reliable. This will solve a number of small occasional issues such as Google sheets

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Backup & Restore is now Pro Backup

Backup & Restore is now Pro Backup In today’s post we wanted to give you an update on Backup & Restore. In short, we have built a better version of Backup & Restore for Podio and named it Pro Backup. In the next few weeks your account & license will be migrated to this new backup app so that you can make use of its features. Why did we build Pro Backup? When we launched Backup & Restore about six years ago, it became immediately clear that there was a huge demand for an independent, 3rd party backup for Podio.

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Top 5 Podio Extensions

Top 5 Podio Extensions Podio Extensions give you the option to go even further with your use of Podio. They offer optional extras, built for specific use-cases by the Podio developer community. Below we have listed some of the most popular extensions.   smrtPhone for Podio smrtPhone for Podio is a dedicated VOIP phone system that has been built specifically for Citrix Podio by passionate 2 Podio Partners. If offers some powerful features such as Click-to-Call from Podio to initiate your calls Connect to your existing CRM contacts app in Podio to sync your address-book All calls and call details

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Guest blog: Quivvytools for Podio

Guest blog: Quivvytools for Podio As you build and extend your Podio system, you create an increasingly complex structure of workspaces, apps and workflow automations. With each new customization comes the risk of breaking something. A good insight into your Podio setup is crucial anytime you make changes in your Podio system.  Keep your Podio structure healthy QuivvyTools Architecture 360° is an advanced extension for Podio that provides clear insight into your structure. QuivvyTools facilitates Podio development and debugging, making it a huge timesaver to maintain & optimize complex Podio systems.  Core QuivvyTools features Here is an overview of the key

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