Big upgrade for Power Tools

We recently published a brand new version of Power Tools. This update is mostly a technological update, but we did also added some nice quality of life improvements. In this blog post we’re gonna zoom in on what has changed with this recent update. 

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What's improved?

The most important update is regarding performance and reliability. For this update our team has re-written the code from scratch and made all features faster & more reliable. This will solve a number of small occasional issues such as Google sheets or Podio fields that weren’t synced automatically.

What's new?

In addition to the improved performance, quite a few features have been added. The new version of Power Tools allows you to… 

✅ Edit existing Power Syncs: Click on the pencil icon next to the Power Sync to add or remove fields. 

✅ Change the share settings of Power Syncs (e.g. invite other users).

✅ Add empty columns in the Power Export and Power Syncs. 

✅ Export or sync the different address fields (e.g. street, post code, etc).

✅ Export or sync the names of files and images. 

✅ Download the previous export when opening the Power Export.

A last small change is that Power Filters has now been renamed to Power Fields to better reflect its usage

Excited to try it out?

You can trial all Power Tools for free for 14 days. Simply head to our website to get started today.