Power Tools v2

Today we are introducing a new and improved version of Power Tools for Podio. This change includes a new exciting feature, along with new price plans.

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Power Sync

With Power Sync you can sync your Podio app to a Google Sheet. The Google sheet will be synced every 10 minutes which allows you to build dynamic reports on top your Podio data. Read the user guide to learn more.


New price plans

Based on the feedback of our customers we are introducing 3 new price plans:


This means the following changes:

  • A new low-priced Light plan will replace the current Freemium plan to better suit the needs of our frequent bulk edit users
  • Plus will become cheaper (€19 instead of €25 for the monthly plan)
  • The Power Sync feature will be added to Plus and Turbo
  • Power Filters is included in Turbo only
  • Doubles are no longer supported 

How will this affect you?

All existing customers will be able to keep their original prices for another 4 months. As of January 2020, we will work with our customers to move the legacy subscriptions to the new pricing model. 

Give it a try

Excited to try it out? It only takes a few minutes to get started, and then you’ll be able to take Power Tools for a test run. Click this link to start your free trial today. Or if you prefer, leave us a message on hello@momentumtools.io

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