Connect Podio to Google Datastudio

With Power Sync you can connect Podio to Google DatastudioGoogle Datastudio gives you everything you need to turn your Podio data into informational, easy-to-understand reports through data visualization.

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Tutorial video


Step-by-step Guide

Open your Google Sheet

Go to the section 'Active Power Syncs' and click on the name of the sync to open the Google sheet.


Go to Google Datastudio

Log in with your Google account to

Add new data source

Click on the tab 'Data sources', click 'Create' and then choose 'Data Source'.


On the next page scroll down to google sheets and click 'Select'. Select your Google Sheet from the list and click 'Connect' in the top right corner.


Endless possibilities

Once you added your Google Sheet as a data source, you can start building your dashboard. We recommend you to check out the template gallery to get started: