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Dynamic Forms: What's new?

In July we have launched Dynamic Forms for Podio and we're excited to see the many use cases our product has solved. We've been working hard to further improve our product and are proud to announce some nice updates!

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Backup & Restore for Podio v2

We are proud to announce that we have launched a huge update for Backup & Restore for Podio. Based on the feedback of our clients we've upgraded our backup service with a daily sync of your Podio backup to asecured Google Drive folder.

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Dynamic Forms for Podio now live!

Dynamic Forms for Podio allow you to easily build and customize complex webforms for Podio. Its intuitive drag-and-drop user interface makes form building incredibly simple, and doesn’t require you to write a single line of code.

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5 ways to boost your Podio Real estate set-up

Podio is aloved tool in the REI community. Its flexibility and integration capabilities make it a powerful solution to automate your REI workflow. On this post, we're going to show you how our Power Tools can bring your REI workflow in Podio to the next level.

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Improved Backup service for Podio

Today we are announcing a change in strategy for Backup & Restore for Podio. This change includes a new feature, along with new price plans. After Podio's downtime in january, we have learned that sending incremental CSV files to your cloud or FTP server is not useful enough when Podio is not available. That’s why we want to significantly improve our service byintroducing a new feature:a daily sync of your Podio apps to Google Sheets.

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How to deal with down-time

Podio’s downtime may have heavily hurt your business and impacted your clients' confidence in the service you provide. Podio usually does an excellent job at keeping their service available, but if Podio is the backbone of your organization, you need to prepare for every eventuality. Momentum has anticipated this scenario, and we believe our service has done a pretty good job ofkeeping our clients happy while Podio was down.

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