Dynamic Forms: Edit Podio items

While the standard Podio webforms only allow you to create new items in Podio, with Dynamic Forms you can give your users the ability to view or edit existing Podio items.

In this blog post, you can see how this feature can be used in combination with Globiflow. 

Important: Nested items will not be shown in edit mode.

To update an existing Podio item via a Form, use the following url:

  • Share link: forms.momentumtools.io/?form=form_id&item_id=item_id
  • Embeded form: http://yourwebsite.com/embeddedform&item_id=item_id

To get the form_id click on Share in the menu bar. The form_id is the 12-character string at the end of the shareable link.


To find the item_id, go the Podio app and open the Podio item. Click on Actions, then developer info.


The pop-up will show you the item ID of the related item.