Dynamic Forms: What's new?

We are very excited to announce a big update for Dynamic Forms! The update includes a redesigned form builder as well as 2 new layout components. 

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A fresh new look

A little while ago the Momentum user portal received a complete UI makeover. We have now integrated the form builder within the new UI giving it a fresh new look.  


Online signatures

We have added a new Signature component to capture digital signatures through web forms. This field allows someone to sign with either their finger on a touch enabled device or with the mouse pointer. This signature will be converted into an image and stored in the Podio item. More info here.



It is now possible to add and remove buttons. You can buttons to a web form to offer the user multiple options to submit the form (for example at the top and the bottom of the page).


At the same time you can also remove the button component. In this case the user cannot submit the web form, but it allows you to use a designed form to display the info from a Podio item to external users


Sounds awesome right?

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